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All in one Sales Execution and Marketing Automation Platform. Map your entire business process in hours not months. Designed to help you sell more-faster. #1 choice for B2C Businesses

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What is LeadSquared?

All in one Sales Execution and Marketing Automation Platform. Map your entire business process in hours not months. Designed to help you sell faster.

With LeadSquared’s Marketing Automation tool you can:
 Push your leads down the conversion path by sending the right message at the right time using automation.
 Run high-performing email marketing campaigns with dozens of ready-to-use email templates to choose from.
 Follow every movement of your lead with website tracking and prioritize them based on lead score and lead quality.
 Create responsive landing pages in no time with numerous templates to choose from.
 Organize and segment your leads on various factors to run targeted email and drip campaigns.
 Integrate seamlessly with apps you love.

Key LeadSquared Solutions are:
1) Lead Nurturing: Make your leads travel faster down the sales tunnel by using:
a) Autoresponders: Ensure that the leads are greeted with relevant emails and SMS’ as they arrive.
b) Drip Marketing: Send your prospects exactly what they need and when they need it.
c) Email Marketing: Build and send beautiful emails that perform great on all devices.
d) Lead and Website Tracking: Track all your lead activities and nurture them based on their actions
on your website.
e) List Segmentation: Segment leads based on their profiles and interests to nurture them
f) Content Library: Store your nurturing emails as templates to reuse them easily.

2) Lead Management System: Map your entire lead management process from capture till conversion with LeadSquared’s feature rich and hassle-free lead management system which include:
a) Lead Capture Automation: You can ensure that no leads slip through the cracks and seamlessly
capture leads from all your sources. (PPC, Social Media, Website, phone and more.)
b) Email Integration: Sync your email inbox with LeadSquared to capture all prospect conversations.
c) Lead Qualification: Use lead quality and activity scoring to identify and chase the best leads first.
d) Lead Distribution: Assign leads to relevant sales people automatically, based on any rules you set.
e) Tasks and Reminders: Automatically set tasks for your sales people based on lead actions.
f) Source Tracking: Identify the lead generation sources working best for you.

3) Sales Management: It includes everything you need to manage your inside and field sales teams.
a) Sales Tracking: Track everything - your salespeople, their performance and revenue.
b) Sales Alert: Notify salespeople whenever their leads take an important action.
c) Sales Automation: Leave repetitive yet important tasks to sales automation.

4) Marketing Analytics: Use our analytics to run data-driven campaigns and get better at marketing every single day.
a) Drip Analytics: Get performance reports for each step of your drip marketing campaigns.
b) Email Analytics: Analyze and improve each aspect of your email marketing campaign.
c) Landing page: Get conversion analytics for each landing page and web form.
d) Lead Funnel: Find where the leads are at each step of your marketing funnel.
e) List Engagement: Find how engaged a list is by looking at its engagement index.

LeadSquared Details Provided by: Shibani R.

LeadSquared Details Provided by: Shibani Roy

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