Best project management product for customization and details

    "Leankit is incredibly customizable and has a great level of detail tracking. "

    Karl Van B.
    Operations Leadership | Business Management | Lean Manufacturing | Turnarounds | Continuous Improvement | Start-ups

    User friendly

    "The ease of learning to use the software and simplicity to implement"


    Leankit is a very structured and useful tool for an Agile team

    "it is very easy to use and configure. You are up and running in a few minutes when using the templates that they are offering. The option of connecting cards on the current and seperate Kanban boards is really useful when managing programs. "

    Federico M.
    Manager, IT Business Partner en CenturyLink

    Great tool too handle a KAnban process

    "We have been using Leankit for several months now. It allowed us to learn how to implement Kanban to handle several different tasks under the same IT team."

    Matt B.
    Account Manager / Continuous Improvement Thinker

    Easy to use visual job board

    "We have found this tool to be easy to use and incorporate into our existing system. "


    Really enjoying LeanKit for our development team

    "Great visual representation of our work; the software interface is great, the software works as you'd expect it, and it's easy to learn how to use. The support team is responsive and helpful. "

    Austin S.
    Project Manager at Frazer Consultants

    A great switch for a company with a large number of projects!

    "The best part about Leankit is hands down how visual everything is. From overall progress of each project to the tiny details like tagging a project or blocking it, everything is so easy to manage at that 40,000 ft view a project manager needs. "

    Darren H.
    Generalist at

    The right balance of features and simplicity

    "The most useful benefit is in its ability to add and link layers (parent-child) such that one can have a strategic view which links to projects which links to features which links to development tasks. "

    Kenny S.
    Senior DevOps Specialist at Compassion International

    Harnessing the Chaos

    "I've been using LeanKit for several months now. It's been the strongest productivity tool I've ever used. Coupled with an understanding of Personal Kanban, it's been a great help in harnessing order from the chaos of so many inputs."

    Brian C.
    All-Star Content Manager, Writer, Digital Marketer

    Good Project Management Tool

    "LeanKit allows you to easily track the projects you and your team are working on during a given time. The board allows you to assign tasks and filter by priority, which is helpful."

    Jordan H.
    Site Reliability Engineer at MemberClicks

    Great set of useful features. A few minor UX annoyances

    "The cards and tasking within. Tasks can be cards themselves and this proves to be very useful for items which may require large amounts of work to document. Especially when the documentation of these tasks was not anticipated"

    Igor T.
    Product Line Engineer at Delphi

    Quick, flexible, versatil

    "I like being able to overview all my tasks at once, and recognize priorities, topics, etc. Pretty much I like how "customizable" it is, since we are able to plot many types of stories on the same board."

    Ryan D.
    Senior Director – Strategic Information Technology at NCTC

    Small IT Team (6 devs) - Formalizing SDLC

    "Very easy for new team members to understand. Great flexibility to build boards that model out processes and flexible enough to change with out needs. "

    Scot W.
    Vice President - Information Systems Director at Farmers National Company

    LeanKit's flexibility and usability make it a great tool for teams of all sizes.

    "LeanKit seems to focus on the basics needed by an agile/lean team. Being able to easily modify/customize a board to meet the needs of a specific team and/or process has been great and makes it easy to apply to several different needs within our department."

    Charles J.
    IT Specialist (INFOSEC) at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    Excellent product that continues to amaze me

    "Easy to use and tailor to your needs. The knowledge base is great."

    Dan C.
    CEO at AGT North America, Inc

    If you need a visual planning tool then you should be using LeanKit

    "I like the people behind the product. I had the chance to get to know the found time and several other employees. When you invest in a solution like LeanKit the actual product is only a part of the purchase decision. In fact, it is a small part if you plan on using the solution over an extended period of time. With that written, the product is really solid. It is easy to use out of the box...."

    Sarah N.
    Production Manager at Red Clay Interactive

    LeanKit Review

    "I like being able to easily see everything that is in progress with my team, next week's sprint and the backlog. "

    June M.
    NPI Project Leader at Keysight Technologies

    Leankit Metrics

    "Very informative and is a real value add for our business."

    Katie B.
    Program Development at Elevate Live Events

    LeanKit has helped me manage my work flow better.

    "I love that LeanKit provides a visual work flow. It is easy for me to put every single task on my board, organized in a way that visually makes sense for me. Because my team and I can comment back and forth on particular tasks, it is easy to keep all of the information for each project housed within one card. I don't have to search back through my emails to find instructions because as soon as..."

    Marcio P.
    Head of IT Department at Sonae Sierra Brasil

    Leankit used on IT Demand & Activities Control

    "Interesting tool with fast implementation and easy to use. You can do it by yourself and there are many documents and vídeos to support you in designing and implementing new charts. Also there are many templates that you can use as a model and speed up the creation process."