Virtual Classrooms and eLearning software for language teachers and schools. LearnCube provides : Live virtual classrooms - Interactive Whiteboard- LMS - Online Courses - Class scheduling - Online payments - Administration - CRM - Reports and analytics - Whiteboard API and Virtual Classroom API.

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What is LearnCube?

One of the biggest problems for online teachers and schools is they are stuck using web-conferencing software made for business meetings, rather than a tool made specifically teaching/tutoring online.

LearnCube offers an intuitive, seamless virtual classroom software that's perfect for teachers and online schools wanting purpose-built features, better insights into the class and their own brand identity.

Our virtual classroom includes:
- Reliable live video + high quality audio
- Interactive online whiteboard
- Instant access to your saved lesson materials (PDF, video, Google docs, etc)
- Student access via link (i.e. download-free)
- Teacher features (multi-tabs, pointer, highlight, video-sync, instant conjugation tables, etc)

Our two main solutions are:
1 - Instant virtual classroom made for independent teachers wanting the best online teaching experience possible
2 - Virtual classroom API for large online tutoring companies and language schools wanting better insights into their operations.

Start with a free 14 day free trial today at https://www.learncube.com/

LearnCube Details Provided by: Alex A.

LearnCube Details Provided by: Alex Asher

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