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Linode Features

Hosting Management

Storage Limits

Clear and pre-determined storage limits are associated with a hosting plan, and storage limits can be expanded if normal site usage is exceeded.

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Bandwidth Allowance

Hosting providers outline the amount of data that you and your visitors are able to cumulatively upload and download over a given period of time. Pay for additional bandwidth as needed to accomodate web traffic.

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Email Hosting

Manage email accounts associated with web domains through a built-in or third-party email interface. Support is provided for POP3 and IMAP email systems.

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Control Panel Integration

Integrate hosting plans with either open-source or proprietary web hosting control panels in order to use a graphical user interface (GUI) that facilitates access to additional web hosting management features.

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CMS Support

Providers allow for a variety of content management systems to be used when managing websites. Support is offered for "one-click" or rapid installations of CMS tools.

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Web Framework Support

The website hosting provider offers support for a variety of server-side coding languages, as well as multiple versions of the web frameworks.

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E-Commerce Integration

Install e-commerce tools, such as shopping carts, into your website. Certain e-commerce integrations may incur an additional fee.

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File Management

Access and management of files through FTP, .htaccess, and shell access is provided to users.

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Database Support

Support is provided for a variety of database types, including MySQL, PostsgreSQL, SQL Server, and more. Choose from these and manage your database within the control panel associated with your hosting plan.

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Security Tools

Site backup, spam detection, firewalls, malware detection tools, and other security features are offered within the hosting plan.

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Lets users provisionnetworks, deliver content, balance loads, and manage traffic.

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Virtual Machines

Provides virtual networks and operating systems.

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Securesapplications, encrypt data, and manage identities.

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Enables maintenance to existing virtual machines to improve functionality and security.

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Cloud Migration

Allows transferring data and virtual machines during adoption and maintenance.

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Storage Management

Provides management tools for data storage, database configuration, and scaling.

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Lets users analyze storage, performance, and connectivity.

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Database Management

Supports for managing different types of databases and integration methods.

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Custom Machines

Allows users to create custom machines to meet specific needs and optimize performance.

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Console Configuration

Provides interface for building custom machines and analytics.

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Operating Systems

Supports the necessary operating system and linux distributions for custom machines.

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