Franco S.

    Service Puts You Ahead of the Pack

    "1) Ability to allow customers to text the store’s landline telephone number; 2) Existance of an app to use the service on the go, no matter where you are; 3) Service ensure you capture the customer by allowing a customer to chat or text you any time."

    Johny Z.

    Simple, effective, secure and affordable

    "Multitasking ability. responding to live chat, email, facebook, twitter and sms all at the same time"


    UAV specialist

    "Integration with hubspot is a great feature for us."


    LiveHelp Now has the most features and best price of the programs we've used

    "We've used a few different chat programs before, and Live Help Now offered the most features for a a lot less money compared to those other chat programs. "

    Anthony S.
    Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Telinta, Inc. Hosted VoIP Switching & Billing for Service Providers

    Cost Effective Chat, Easy to Use Features, Metrics and More.

    "Telinta provides cloud-based softswitch solutions to VoIP service providers around the world. We use LHN chat to gain new sales prospects by placing the chat icon on our webpage so that prospects can contact us for more info. Nearly everyone who opens a chat successfully completes it, providing us with their name, email and phone/Skype contact info, and agreeing to receive more information..."



    "True omnichannel call center system. Ability to respond to live chat, SMS, facebook, twitter, email and whatever other channel customer uses is simply priceless."

    Daniel G.
    Director, Inside Sales at SentinelOne

    Amazing technology and exceptional customer service

    "I purchased LiveHelpNow for two companies and always been very happy with the product. Its super easy to install, has a wide range of integration options and is both powerful and intuitive to operate as a user."

    Maria R.
    Owner/President Imagine Advanced Dental Arts--

    Dental practice chain

    "HIPAA compliance was the biggest thing for us which LiveHelpNow is certified in. No other chat software is. Ability for our patients to text for support is also unmatched. Our patients absolutely love it. Facebook messenger integration and ability to send funny animated gifs is a cherry on the cake."

    Ronnie L.
    Customer Service / Technical Support

    I love using LiveHelpNow chat software cause I did not have any issues when I used it.

    "The software is very user friendly. Just one look at it and you will surely know that it is very easy to use and all the information that you need is there."

    Marc V.
    IT Management, Web Development and eCommerce/Analytics

    A Fantastic Product for Managing Customer Contact

    "LiveHelpNow offers our customer support staff all the tools they need to talk to our customers via eMail, Live Chat, or Call Requests. The ability to reach a customer wherever the may be trying to contact us is one of the best features. I love how we get data on what pages the customer is viewing to help direct our support, and the ability to tag and automate tickets and chats based on rules...."