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Loopio’s response software streamlines the way enterprises respond to RFPs, RFIs, and Security Questionnaires. Why dig through past proposals, chase subject-matter experts, and spend hours updating old content when Loopio can help automate this for you.

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Loopio Features

Document Creation
Customizability: Variables and Fields

Define fields to pull in dynamic information.

(Based on 31 reviews)
Template Creation and Flexibility

Easily assemble custom fields and variables into reusable templates to automate the proposal creation process.

(Based on 35 reviews)
Rich Media

How well the platform supports images, audio, and video in proposals.

(Based on 27 reviews)
Online Document Creation

Create adaptive online documents for view via browser or mobile device.

(Based on 24 reviews)
PDF Creation

Create attractive PDF versions of proposals.

(Based on 19 reviews)
Custom Branding

Brand proposals and the application's portal with your company's logos and branding.

(Based on 31 reviews)
Document Builder Interface

Easily search for and add elements to a proposal.

(Based on 32 reviews)
Collaborative Creation

Multiple users can edit a single document.

(Based on 31 reviews)
Assembly and Approval Workflows

Automate workflows by routing documents to the correct individuals for adding content and approval.

(Based on 31 reviews)
Engagement Tracking

Track who is looking at proposals and how often or for how long.

(Based on 14 reviews)
Proposal Effectiveness Reporting

Find out which pieces of content are performing best.

(Based on 12 reviews)
Reporting and Dashboards

Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboards on proposal volume and acceptance.

(Based on 15 reviews)
Administration and Platform
User, Role, and Access Management

Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc.

(Based on 34 reviews)
Alerts and Notifications

Program in-app and email notifications for approval milestones or actions.

(Based on 34 reviews)
CRM Integration

Push and pull data from CRM to build proposals and update statuses with clients.

(Based on 7 reviews)
E-Signature Integration

Couple accepting proposals and signing contracts together in one workflow.

Not enough data available

API / Integrations

Application Programming Interface - Specification for how the application communicates with other software. API's typically enable integration of data, logic, objects, etc. with other software applications.

(Based on 6 reviews)
CPQ Integration

Push and pull data from quote applications to build proposals.

Not enough data available