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Luigi's Box


Luigi's Box is an analytical tool designed to give all relevant information about search and navigation on a site.

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What is Luigi's Box?

Luigi’s Box helps you to increase conversion rate of visitors who use search on your website. It gives you detailed information about interactions of your visitors, what search terms they use most often, where do they struggle to find results and where you are losing their attention. And the best part is that we will not only show you were your problems are , but we can also help you to get rid of them. The most common search problems are no-results and typos - both can be easily fixed by Luigi’s Box FixIt feature.

Integration is very easy, just paste the tracking script you have received into the header of your web. Luigi’s Box does not affect any functionality of your website, including the actual rendering of the site. We collect and analyze data and give you the ability to hot-fix your search easily with just a few clicks. First data will appear on Luigi’s Box Dashboard within 24-hours, usually it takes around 40 minutes.

Pssst, and in few weeks we will be rolling-out our own auto-complete as as service, that can boost visitors engagement on your site. If you would like to get more details on that, drop us an email.

Luigi's Box Details Provided by: Vladimira S.

Luigi's Box Details Provided by: Vladimira Szaboova

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