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Majestic is the worlds most comprehensive source of backlinks information. Their Site Explorer provides Competitor Link Intelligence to SEO specialists.

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Majestic pricing & plans
Free $0 / per month Simply register to see all the sites that link to sites you control as well as limited overviews of any website's link profile.
Silver $78.99 / per month Suitable for most small businesses looking at building links and analyzing their competitors. Designed for one user.
Gold $169.99 / per month Suitable for smaller Agencies who have to manage the markets of a range of clients.
Platinum $399.99 / per month Designed for larger agencies and for any company that requires access to the full APIs
Premium Partners (Resellers) From $5000 / per month With massive limits and specific permission to resell the data via your own software as a service, these contracts provide the backbone to the best tools in the SEO and related industries.
Pricing information for Majestic is supplied by the software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase Majestic must be conducted with the vendor.

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