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Melissa Listware

Melissa Listware

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Melissa Listware is an easy-to-use data cleansing and enrichment plugin for Salesforce and Excel that helps improve the quality of your "People Data". Use it to verify and update all your customer addresses, emails, phone numbers, and add detailed information like demographics, geographics, firmographics and property info.

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Melissa’s Listware is an all-in-one data cleansing and enrichment tool that helps improve the quality of your "People Data.” Our easy-to-use solution is available in three flavors: Listware Online, Listware for Salesforce® and Listware for Microsoft® Excel.

Our flexible solution verifies, corrects and standardizes all contact data elements for 240+ countries so you never miss an opportunity to connect with you customers and prospects. Listware also removes duplicate records to help you eliminate wasted marketing efforts and help you maintain a single, accurate view of your customer. Plus, Listware will add detailed information like demographics, geographics, firmographics and property info to your contact records so you can better optimize your marketing and sales records.

Melissa Listware Details Provided by: Greg B.

Melissa Listware Details Provided by: Greg Brown

VP, Marketing at Melissa Global Intelligence
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About Melissa Listware

Data drives every aspect of customer communication, decision making, analytics and strategy. But, dirty data – stale, incorrect or incomplete data – leads to an inaccurate view of your customers, inefficient operations, suboptimal sales and marketing efforts, and waste. That’s where Melissa’s Listware comes in – it improves the quality of your customer relationship management (CRM) data by verifying, cleaning, consolidating and enriching the contacts in all of your lists: prospect, customer, donor, etc.

Our capabilities help you with:
• Data Cleansing – clean and dedupe lead, contact and account info for improved marketing
• Deduping – get a single view of the customer to identify churn, renew, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
• Data Appends – add verified emails and callable phone numbers to your mailing lists for omni-channel marketing that yields high customer engagement and increased sales
• Data Enrichment – add detailed demographics, firmographics, location and property info to your records for more precise segmentation, lead scoring, territory planning and sales intelligence

With flexible solutions that meet the requirements of your business, you can clean your data your way. Listware is available in the Cloud or as a plugin for Microsoft® Excel or the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce®.

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Melissa Listware
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