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Melissa Listware

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Melissa Listware is an easy-to-use data cleansing and enrichment plugin for Salesforce and Excel that helps improve the quality of your "People Data". Use it to verify and update all your customer addresses, emails, phone numbers, and add detailed information like demographics, geographics, firmographics and property info.

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Inaccurate, incomplete, duplicate data doesn’t stand a chance against Listware’s powerful suite of data cleansing and enrichment tools. Check out it out:

Melissa Listware Details Provided by: Greg B.

Melissa Listware Details Provided by: Greg Brown

VP, Marketing at Melissa Global Intelligence

About Melissa Listware

Listware improves the quality of your CRM data by verifying, consolidating and enriching the contacts in all of your lists: prospect, customer, donor, etc. Sales, marketing and customer services departments use Listware to dedupe records, cleanse customer addresses, phones, emails, and enhance contacts with demographic, firmographic and property data to improve customer engagement and customer satisfaction. Listware is available in the Cloud or as a plugin for Salesforce and Microsoft Excel.

Clean your data for less than a penny a record! With pay-as-you go pricing, there are no long-term commitments or bloated contracts. Try Listware today for free!

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