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Metigy offers marketing solutions, using AI and deep learning to deliver real time insights and actions that radically enhance reach and converison.

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What is Metigy?

The Future is AI Tailored Marketing

Metigy was built by people just like you and we believe Marketing doesn't have to be a drag. We help you save time by automating mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on actions that make a real difference to your business and bottom line.

We look beyond the obvious and gather in-depth data to power our insights engine. Forget traditional vanity metrics and understand the true value of conversion and performance. Move beyond dashboards and embrace the power of dynamic, AI-driven insights. Be inspired with a feed of strategic ideas and opportunities, customised just for your business.

Practical Suggestions - we advise you on topics that are trending and content which resonates with your audience, based on analysis of your historical stats, along with the performance of your competitors and professional network.

Influence Insights - Metigy identifies influencers and content creators who are making engaging and meaningful content, based on true influence - not just big numbers and vanity metrics - allowing you to approach brand partnerships with confidence.

Performance Insights - we know how important it is to meet KPIs, so we monitor your progress and deliver practical insights to ensure your long-term success.

Our Passion - Metigy is all about making the challenging and time consuming parts of the marketing process, easy and fun! It is a very creative process making this simple statement reality, and we are having lots of fun making it so.

Metigy Details Provided by: David F.

Metigy Details Provided by: David Fairfull

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