Moto CMS

3.9 out of 5 stars

Moto CMS is a website builder that allows you to make mobile friendly websites that provides the ability to design your website as well as an admin panel for website customization and management.

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Moto CMS Features


Provides ready-made templates for simplified website creation.

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Drag and Drop

Allows users to drag and drop items and content to customize their site's look.

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HTML Input

Permits HTML-savvy administrators to input code to uniquely customize their website.

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Domain Name

Offers customers the option to purchase a unique domain name.

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Provides insight into words that would increase search engine optimization.

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Site Analytics

Gives users insight into unique pageviews, subscribers, location of viewers, etc.

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Marketing Tools

Provides tools that aid in user marketing efforts.

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Allows users to turn their website into an online store by offering e-commerce capabilities.

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Hosts domains within the tool.

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Email Integrations

Provides an email for users to field communication within their website builder too.

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Content Management

Manages content such as blogs, marketing tools, newsletters, etc.

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Allows administrators to create role or password-based permissions to ensure users see only what they should see.

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