John S.
    IT Manager/Web Developer at Adventure Cycling Association

    Full featured and easy to customize

    "Mura CMS has a great feature set and is very easy to customize to meet site requirements. It has a long history and is about to release version 7. The development team behind the product is fantastic and eager to help potential developers and users of the platform."

    Enterprise Class CMS... for humans

    "Mura team succeeded to bring a very powerful CMS, very extendable like eZ Publish does, but with a simplicity and an efficient I've never met at this level of maturity in other CMS. The way of creating plugins that allows 3rd party integrator to bring new features directly integrated into the Mura user experience. The version 7 is a big push in the right direction, the "in context" web site..."

    Scott W.
    Mura Digital Experience Plaform (Mura CMS) Engineer

    Powerful and Flexible CMS

    "Mura is an extremely flexible CMS and easy to customize to individual client business requirements. Mura comes with at least 90% of what I need for most of the B2B websites I create for clients. Mura provides its tool set and gets out of the way allowing the developer to be creative in the way they solve client challenges."

    Christian R.
    Astronomer, Science Educator, Climate Communicator

    An enterprise-level CMS for everyone

    "Mura occupies a unique niche in the CMS space as general purpose Enterprise CMS that doesn't try to be all things to all people. As a result, it becomes extremely easy to setup and configure without all of the cruft of features that will never need to be used for most purposes. Its API leaves plenty of ways to implement custom plugins and capabilities."

    Damien B.
    COO at DiDaXo

    The best CMS I have ever used

    "Mura is very simple to use yet super powerful. The fact that we can use an unlimited number of sites with a single Mura installation is a must that allows us to host many language versions of the same site very easily. What I like the most in Mura is the comprehensiveness of the feature set. It means that we need very few plugins (if any at all) to run exactly the site we need, which makes..."

    Rey M.
    Project Manager/Business Development Consultant

    Excellent CMS for novice to pro

    "Mura has a number of powerful features built in that are easy for novices to grasp, so content managers can focus on managing their content, not mastering technical complexities. At the same time, it is a very extensible platform that allows significant customization so power users can get exactly what they want. It's also designed to ensure that most customizations can be made without..."