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Mythware Classroom management software enables the instructor to control and manage the class effectively, supervise students' activities and maintain a good order in class, and the students can learn, communicate and collaborate with each other and between groups

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What is Mythware Classroom Management Software?

Mythware Classroom Management Software includes a broad range of features to support effective teaching and learning – supporting
interactivity and collaborative work, and providing tools to organize lessons and assess student progress.

*It's very easy to use and manage so that the teacher spends more time teaching
*Many features available to control and maintain a good order in class.
*It allows the teacher to assess the student's at any time because of the interactive features available
*Teacher can also check on the students learning the process by creating tests and see the results in real time.
*It has more features than any other classroom management software
*All across compatibility platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OSX, Chrome OS)
*Better pricing

Mythware Classroom Management Software Details Provided by: Marcela Z.

Mythware Classroom Management Software Details Provided by: Marcela Zevallos


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