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The Natero Success Engine is a Customer Success platform that merges machine learning for predicting behavior and big data customer analytics into a single product.

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Natero Features

Customer Information
Customer Health Scores

Provides users a customer-specific score to determine the overall satisfaction of each customer.

(Based on 26 reviews)
Customer Monitoring

Monitor customer actions overall as well as their interactions with different teams within the company, such as the support team

(Based on 27 reviews)
Customer Profiles

Gain a holistic view of your customers. Create customer profiles based on data pulled in from multiple sources including CRMs, service desks, marketing tools, and financial systems such as accounting and payroll software.

(Based on 26 reviews)

Create and structure key customer success processes into a "playbook" to create unified team best practices for handling customers.

(Based on 21 reviews)
Customer Segments

Separate customers into similar segments based on criteria such as subscription models, support needs, or usage behaviors to allow for more personalized and specific attention.

(Based on 18 reviews)
Product Engagement

Identify which customers are getting the most out of your products or services and highlight those who have not yet fully adopted or may need further training.

(Based on 20 reviews)

Allows users to create and send out surveys to customers to determine net promoter scores and other key satisfaction information.

(Based on 7 reviews)
Churn Risk

Calculates the risk that your customers will not renew or continue using your product or service.

(Based on 22 reviews)
Upsell Opportunities

Discovers and highlights factors that lead to upsell opportunities.

(Based on 16 reviews)
Custom Triggers

Allows users to set custom triggers to signal actions that will lead a customer to act in a particular way.

(Based on 23 reviews)
Machine Learning

Ability for the platform to learn and improve predictions based on previous customer behavior and a growing database of customer information.

(Based on 13 reviews)
Reporting & Dashboards

Access pre-built and custom reports and dashboards for viewing

(Based on 28 reviews)
API & Integrations

The number of sources from which the platform can pull customer data and how well those integrations are supported.

(Based on 27 reviews)
Data Import & Export Tools

Ability to input, modify, and extract data from the application in bulk through a structured file.

(Based on 24 reviews)
Workflow Capability

Automates everday customer success functions for more efficient and effective day-to-day processes.

(Based on 25 reviews)

Set alerts for customer actions in order to respond quickly and proactively.

(Based on 26 reviews)

Allows administrators to accommodate their unique process. Includes ability to create custom objects, fields, rules, calculations, and views.

(Based on 28 reviews)

Ability for the platform to grow with the user's company and support an increasing number of customers and users within the platform.

(Based on 28 reviews)
Data Security

The measures taken to ensure that the customer data being held within the platform is being hosted in a safe environment and is not prone to risks.

(Based on 22 reviews)
Performance & Reliability

Software is consistently available (uptime) and allows users to complete tasks quickly because they are not waiting for the software to respond.

(Based on 27 reviews)
User, Role, and Access Management

Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc.

(Based on 27 reviews)