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Nerdio, by Adar, is a fully-loaded, affordable streaming IT solution for any industry. With Nerdio, users receive a complete IT package, just as if you had a fully-staffed IT department. Technical headaches, risk, and never-ending fees are eliminated. All while providing improved performance. Nerdio is one fixed price per user, never any hidden fees. Leverage Nerdio’s IT expertise and take your organization to the next level.

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What is Nerdio?

Streaming IT
Imagine your life without IT headaches and risks. No need to just imagine it – you can now live it, with Nerdio Streaming IT. What’s “Streaming IT” you say? That’s easy to explain (and for us, easy to do). Simply put, we virtualize your entire IT environment – hardware, software, and support (humans we leave in corporeal form).

Goodbye Physical, Hello Virtual
So feel free to toss all those now-outdated physical servers, desktops/laptops, and software (you start the bonfire and we’ll bring the marshmallows). You get it all for a one low fixed price per user. A fraction of the price the big-boys and girls pay. And wave goodbye to extra IT costs cropping up unexpectedly – you won’t have to deal with any of that nonsense either (best news… ever?).

Already Have an IT Department?
Yep, we’re talkin’ to you, too. Right now, your IT department is likely stuck repairing and maintaining computers, working on servers, and various other annoyingly time consuming tasks that aren’t helping you. And we can’t have that.

Nerdio Details Provided by: Johnny  N.

Nerdio Details Provided by: Johnny Number Five

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