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Netsparker is an automatic and easy-to-use web application security scanner to automatically find security flaws in websites, web applications and web services.

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What is Netsparker?

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To eliminate the time wasting and difficult process of manually verifying the scanners findings and ensuring there are no false positives, Netsparker has been designed from the ground up to go beyond what other web application security scanners do; it actively confirms whether the identified web vulnerabilities are real or not. In other words Netsparker simulates an real penetration tester.

Netsparker dynamically executes custom attacks to exploit suspected vulnerabilities in a safe and non-destructive manner. Netsparker is able to conclusively prove that an identified web application vulnerability is real and also generates either a Proof of Exploit or Proof of Concept. If Netsparker is unable to absolutely confirm a vulnerability, the vulnerability is marked as “Possible”. This indicates that it requires manual verification, but, if Netsparker marks a vulnerability as confirmed, you can trust it.

The result: Dead accurate Web Application Security Scans and Reports.

Netsparker Details Provided by: Danny Z.

Netsparker Details Provided by: Danny Zhang

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About Netsparker

Netsparker develops an industry leading automated web application security solution. Available as Windows software, online and on-premises service, the Netsparker scanner can automatically detect SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and other vulnerabilities in any type of modern HTML5, Single Page Application (SPA), Web 2.0 web application and web services, regardless of the technology they are built with.

The Netsparker scanner does not just report the vulnerabilities, it also generates a proof of exploit confirming they are real and not false positives. Therefore you do not have to waste time manually verifying the scanner’s findings and can easily scale up web application security and scan thousands of websites within a matter of hours. Netsparker is trusted and used by world renowned companies such as Samsung, Ernst & Young, Skype, NASA, ISACA and ING Bank.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

There are two major differences between Netsparker and all its competitors:

Proof-Based Technology – Netsparker pioneered this technology which automatically verifies the vulnerabilities during a scan, proving they are real and not false positives. Therefore the vulnerability scan results are always dead accurate and the users do not have to manually verify the findings. Such automation also means that the risks of human errors are kept at a minimum.

A Scalable Web Security Solution – Businesses cannot scale up their efforts if their people have to manually verify the vulnerabilities the solution is reporting. With Netsparker’s Proof-Based Scanning Technology, the results are dead accurate so within just a few hours you get vulnerability scan results that you can immediately take action on, and start triaging the security issues.

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Automatically find real web vulnerabilities. Get a free demo of Netsparker today!