<span>Diana S.</span>
    Diana S.
    AVP Loan Operations Manager and Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Practioner

    Invaluable tool to save time and money

    "It was very intuitive to learn and set up. We have found countless ways to use it and discover more every week."

    <span>Joseph D.</span>
    Joseph D.
    VP - Enterprise Data Steward - CIMP (Data Governance) - Sterling National Bank

    Worth it for large updates and repetitive processes (Time saver)

    "The ease of use of the application. Not needing coding to use Foxtrot one effectively. Saves time on repetitive processes. "

    <span>Lori G.</span>
    Lori G.
    Data Automation and Report Writing Specialist at MidWestOne Bank

    Foxtrot has saved the bank time and money

    "The fact that you can make so many changes without needing to take a banker from their position. Foxtrot runs in the background. "

    Administrator in Computer & Network Security
    Administrator in Computer & Network Security

    Foxtrot works better than other software on the market for automation

    "how easy it is to use and setup the foxtrot for my reports that i needed ran"

    <span>Erik L.</span>
    Erik L.
    Chief Information Officer at Charter Bank

    Great tool to increase productivity and efficiency!

    "Easy to create scripts, good support team, easy to get started."

    <span>Ryan B.</span>
    Ryan B.
    Associate, Settlement at TRANSFAST - Worldwide Money Transfer

    Foxtrot: Today's work done yesterday

    "The best part about Foxtrot has to be the ease of use. Anyone can pick up this product and start using it, as long as you know the manual process you want to automate. You can learn the basics of Foxtrot and have your first project completed in around an hour."


    Super sophisticated, yet very user friendly

    "I like that you can "teach" foxtrot everyday tasks just one time and then it can run those tasks daily, weekly, monthly, etc... with ease. "

    <span>Jose S.</span>
    Jose S.
    VP, Business Intelligence & Big Data Manager at Amerant Bank

    Excellent tool for automating maintenance tasks

    "This is an outstanding tool to create automation for manual tasks. It has enabled us to offload manual work processed from several departments into automated scheduled tasks. It also has enabled us to stop relying on IT resources for mass maintenance tasks and allowed us to do it in a Native way which is tracked as normal entries by the system instead of a programming job. The platform has a..."

    User in Banking
    User in Banking

    Why wouldn't you use FoxTrot?

    "Foxtrot was my pet project at my last institution and we were able to use it for so many things and efficiencies. I was happy to hear my old bank kept the process going and implemented even more ideas and uses for the system. Coming to my new FI I was ecstatic to hear they also had Foxtrot and I immediately started making a list for my area and how we could use the tool!"

    <span>Zack M.</span>
    Zack M.
    Assistant Vice President at First Federal Bank of Florida

    A solution that works for you when you aren't in the office

    "I love the ability to leave Foxtrot working when I leave and have it still working when I arrive in the morning."

    <span>JANET G.</span>
    JANET G.

    Foxtrot is a workhorse that says time and money!

    "We love the short learning curve in utilizing the product and the excellent support we get from Enablesoft. RPA technology saves us a ton of time and money in creating repeatable processes and in creating mass "on the go" updates."


    Foxtrot for Mergers

    "The ease of use and improved efficiency."

    <span>James B.</span>
    James B.

    Your Automated Employee

    "Ease of use. It takes just a little training to get up and running and there are many tools available for when you need to build more complicated scripts."

    Administrator in Banking
    Administrator in Banking

    Task Automation at it's finest!

    "The ability to take our mundane daily tasks and data entry projects and automate them has helped our organization immensely!"

    <span>Amanda C.</span>
    Amanda C.

    Wonderful Product that can process daunting task with ease.

    "My first few scripts I created I was able to contact the support team and they would help me out. Now that I am more experienced with the software it is a breeze to use. I like that there are so many options available. "

    <span>Linda D.</span>
    Linda D.
    Vice President, Loan Operations Mgr. at Farmers National Bank of Danville

    Community Bank benefits from Foxtrot

    "The efficiency gained by having a "virtual employee" that can complete tasks any hour and assist in meeting goals and deadlines. Foxtrot can perform many tasks even overnight, assisting in completing changes and updates quicker across our loan portfolio without having to pay for mass maintenance. "

    <span>Kyle B.</span>
    Kyle B.
    PC Support Technician at First National Bank and Trust Company


    "I was brand new when I first started using Foxtrot. I took the online basics class and when I logged in it was very user friendly and easy to use. "

    <span>Brett K.</span>
    Brett K.
    Sr Technical Analyst at Millennium Trust

    Foxtrot Works Great

    "The best feature is the fact that you can automate practically anything that you do on a day-to-day basis. In doing this you are saving you company both time and money."

    <span>Orlando G.</span>
    Orlando G.
    System Administrator at National Housing Trust

    Exceptional Robust Product

    "Ease of use, easy install and mostly easy administration"