Numetric is a new way to think about business intelligence. Automatically clean, organize, and connect your data, filtering out noise and focusing on what matters. Simply click to filter through millions of rows of connected data in an instant. We are your team's personal data warehouse and business intelligence platform.

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Numetric Details Provided by: Heather B.

Numetric Details Provided by: Heather Baker

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Numetric modern analytics solution empowers teams to turn analytics into action, by making it easy to combine and visualize data from multiple sources and limitlessly explore that data to discover opportunities to take their organization to the next level.

Real-time analytics with no compromises - Numetric’s unique architecture, gives you fast data without having to sacrifice speed, timeliness, or detail.

Analytics sharing made easy - Numetric makes it easy to provide a portal experience that can handle ad hoc requests, always stays secure, and can be easily layered on top of your existing stack without endangering your system performance.

Data exploration to action - With powerful visualization tools that are intuitive enough for any business user yet flexible enough to handle every ad hoc request, Numetric enables business users to access and fully explore their data to gain the insights they need to take meaningful action.

Data expertise focused on customer success - Numetric makes it easy for IT to say ‘yes’, and our in-house data experts make sure business users get customized, intuitive solutions that fit their specific business needs. Result: they realize time to value in weeks, not months.

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