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ADC's NutriGen software centrally manages recipes, combining vendor supplied sub-assemblies, such as cake base, with your own raw-materials, such as icing-sugar

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What is NutriGen Recipe Manager?

ADC’s NutriGen recipe manager software takes the ha ssle out of recipe and ingredient management. NutriGen allows headquarters team members to define standardized recipes, combining vendor-supplied raw ingredients and sub-assemblies with your own specified sub-recipes, such as icing, for example.

NutriGen generates legally-compliant ingredients, nutritional facts, and labeling panels. It also supports Allergen warnings at both the ingredient and recipe level.

Additionally, NutriGen is an easily applicable solution for the FDA’s Final Menu Labeling, part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and EU1169 compliance.

NutriGen Recipe Manager Details Provided by: Jamie S.

NutriGen Recipe Manager Details Provided by: Jamie Simon

Marketing Director at ADC
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Afrikaans, Danish, English, French, German, Polish, Spanish

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