Great service and helpful staff!

    "This service help me a lot in the sales process, building quotes, managing pipeline and to reduce all the adim around signing contract. Most of all I like the more than helpful staff that goes out to their way to help out as well as listen feedback and feature request. (Olivia Frediksson is passionate!)"

    Andreas W.
    Verksamhetsutvecklare på Com Hem AB

    A great service

    "It's extremely easy to use for our users, which are mainly sales representatives. We are able to track the sales progress and it's easy for the customers to initiate a communication with the sales representative about the contract we have offered. As an administrator, I am really fond of the template creation tool which allows me to create & update templates immediately on the fly."

    Henrik B.
    Founder at TeQflo AB, MBA in progress

    Easy to use, secure and mobile friendly

    "Oneflow is easy to use and adopt into the processes of an organization. Oneflow is intuitive and doesn't intimidate the older generation which is great for change processes digitalizing companies. The need to haves are included, the nice to haves are excluded. HTML based software is great for mobile which importance is growing. Lastly, it is secure with certificates and verified counterparts. "

    Malin H.
    Region Manager at SJR in Scandinavia AB

    Efficient and professional signing tool

    "Oneflow has reduced many hours of administrative work regarding the signing of contracts with our clients and thus helps us to deliver a fast, reliable and professional service. Good and available support from Oneflow when needed. "

    John S.

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

    "Beautiful and clean interface with an easy navigability. Great interactive template-functionality, its fast and simple to create templates for most every situation and then even easier to change according to individual circumstances (Unlike certain similar services were you only upload a physical document/PDF). Automatic reminders go out if the recipient hasn't answered it in time, as well as..."

    Jonas I.
    CEO at Effectsoft Halmstad AB

    Professional Contract Management in an easy way

    "Easy to organize and keep track of your contracts. The flexibel HTML template editor makes this product a real time saver compared to document based solutions. Also like the ability to import "old" document based contracts meaning you can collect all contracts in one place. Would also like to give kudos to the support staff at Oneflow. Quick repsone and professional help at all times."

    Nicklas W.
    Säljare på Effectsoft AB

    Fantastic tool for signing agreements

    "The simplicity of the tool, easy to understand for both us and our counterpart. Also, that you are able to have a conversation inside the agreement AKA. the comments section. Perfect way to engage your counterpart in the agreement and have all changes saved in one place. I would say the this tool should be a standard in most businesses today. Our customers are usually interested in how we got..."

    Andreas J.
    Sales Manager at Intelliplan AB

    Gör affärer och skapa säkra avtal vart som helst, hur som helst!

    "Oneflow är grymt bra då det är lättanvänt, snabbt, webbaserat och självklart i molnet. Man kan använda en dator, platta eller mobil för att använda systemet. Det har aldrig varit enklare att skapa, dela och e-signera avtal. Och det fungerar för alla avtalstyper, som t ex affärsavtal, anställningsavtal, interna policy-avtal mm. "

    Björn L.
    Co-founder & CEO at Kundo

    Powerful and easy to use

    "The tool is easy to use and still much more powerful than other similar tools thanks yo the flexible templating and HTML features. From what we can tell our customers also like the simple interface."

    Aref A.
    CEO at Jobylon

    Great tool which does exactly what it should!

    "Eliminates all unnecessary admin when it comes to signing contracts! The fact that you're using HTML pages and not actual files is key! "

    Elias G.
    Marknadsförare och projektledare på Jusek

    Smidigt, lättanvänt och användarvänligt!

    "Plattformen är flexibel och funkar var som helst, när som helst. Enkel att använda och för mottagare att förstå. Mycket användbart och tidsbesparande. Digital succé."

    Viktor J.

    Oneflow förenklar vårt dagliga arbete

    "Enkelheten och effektiviteten. Oneflow är ett väldigt kraftfullt men samtidigt enkelt/smidigt verktyg som hjälpt oss effektivisera flera olika avtals- och dokumenthanteringsprocesser genom att integrera dessa till en. Vi behöver nu bara ett enda system för att skapa, skicka, signera, administrera och hantera alla våra avtal - både kund-, leverantörs- och anställningsavtal."

    Carin G.

    Oneflow har förenklat vår hantering av avtal

    "Det bästa med Oneflow är att det var enkelt att komma igång. Det är tydligt och enkelt för de som signerar avtal med oss och det var relativt snabbt och smidigt att komma igång att göra egna mallar."

    Per L.
    Affärsman, energibesiktningsman

    Very smooth and userfriendly

    "It´s quick to understand, easy to use, and it drives business. Even more important, it is fully integrated with our CRM UpSales."