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onepoint 360 - Project Portfolio Dashboard


onepoint 360 is a project portfolio dashboard app that was specifically designed for iPhone and iPad. The app requires a login on a onepoint PROJECTS Enterprise Server installation or access to an onepoint PROJECTS Enterprise Cloud. The dashboard is based on the portfolio overviews available in onepoint PROJECTS and shows a tabular project list with status, plan/actual, and traffic light information, a multi-project schedule as well as onepoint's unique project pipeline.

Double-tap the individual dashboard widgets to zoom them to fullscreen view; double-tap them again and they will zoom back out to the dashboard. Tapping on a single project item will open a quick-info popover or detail view (on iPhone). The refresh button in the top-left corner reloads data from the configured onepoint PROJECTS server or cloud account; the configuration button in the top-right corner is used to configure the required onepoint PROJECTS server URL and account information.

onepoint 360 is offline-capable, i.e., once data has been downloaded from a onepoint account it will remain available to you even when you are not online/connected to the Internet. The app also works with onepoint's free 30-day trials that you can request from the onepoint PROJECTS website.

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