OPALS Open-source Automated Library System is a powerful cooperatively developed, Web-based, open source program. This alternative technology provides Internet access to information databases, library collections and digital archives.

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What is OPALS?

OPALS is a proven, open source automated library system. Whether your library has hundreds of resources or millions, there is likely a library just like yours that has adopted OPALS. Well over 1000 libraries around the world use OPALS every day to manage library resources that hundreds of thousands of library members can access on the Web in their institutions, at home or at a local cafe.

Explore our Website, discover OPALS’ many features, technical support and engineering framework and contact us to set up a free hosted demonstration system. Upload all of your data and in 24 to 48 hours you and your community can explore OPALS’ every nook and cranny in the familiar context of your own library data.

OPALS Details Provided by: Richard G.

OPALS Details Provided by: Richard Grenier

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Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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