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iOS OpenAir PSA App

NetSuite OpenAir Mobile


NetSuite OpenAir for iPhone has just got even better! OpenAir Mobile allows you to take OpenAir on the road with you. Fill out your timesheets and expense reports while on an engagement, on an airplane, or waiting on hold. This isn’t your grandmother’s simple, stripped down application – it’s fully functional, giving you the time and expense tracking tools you have come to rely on when logging into the NetSuite OpenAir website.

Key features:

- Intuitive calendar interface to track and manage your time
- Access to your NetSuite OpenAir timesheets and expense reports using the easy-to-use, familiar iPhone UI
- Instantaneous synchronization with your NetSuite OpenAir account to utilize up-to-date customer, project, and task data
- Attach images to your expense reports from your iPhone's camera or photo library. To use, simply touch the attachment icon in either a receipt or expense report.
- Review and approve or reject timesheets and expenses
- Online and offline mode

NetSuite OpenAir Mobile guide is available at:
(Please consult the guide on how to contact support to report issues with the app)

NB: Users need to get their Administrator to grant them the Mobile Device Access permission to log in. To review the terms that apply to your download and use of the App go to

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Android OpenAir PSA App

NetSuite OpenAir Mobile


NetSuite OpenAir Mobile for Android has arrived! Manage your time and expenses from a wide range of compatible Android devices effortlessly.
Why NetSuite OpenAir Mobile?
- Because it saves you time! Enter your time and expenses while commuting or upon completion of work at a customer site.
- With real-time synchronization, time and expenses logging has never been easier.
- Breeze through our intuitive calendar interface for time tracking, capture expense receipts using your smartphone camera and submit them for expedited approvals, all while on the go.
The NetSuite OpenAir Mobile app requires Internet connectivity and a NetSuite OpenAir License. If you don’t have one and want to learn more about NetSuite OpenAir, visit www.openair.com.
NetSuite OpenAir Mobile guide is available at:
Create and submit time and expenses the NetSuite OpenAir way!
To review the terms that apply to your use of the App, please go to

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