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OWOX creates BI products to help consolidate, process, analyze and extract insights from data. They also assist in implementing Google Analytics 360 Suite. Furthermore, they help develop individual measurement strategies, consult on how to use Google and OWOX BI products to solve business-specific tasks and challenges, and conduct training in analytics.

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What is OWOX BI?

We created OWOX BI to help you consolidate, process, analyze and extract insights from data.

OWOX BI Pipeline
Automatically import cost, click, and impression data from non-Google advertising services to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery. Based on daily updates, learn how the ads on different platforms perform as compared to each other, discover new areas for improvement, and optimize your advertising investments.
OWOX BI Pipeline also lets you upload raw non-sampled user behavior data from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery. Then, you can unite this data with ad cost data and transactions data from your CRM system and get the end-to-end analytics reports.
Once you’ve got the metrics you need in Google BigQuery, you can use OWOX BI Pipeline to send the data back to GA and build more detailed remarketing audience segments.

OWOX BI Attribution
Evaluate the efficiency of your advertising campaigns based on how they contribute to the customers’ journey through the conversion funnel.
The funnel-based attribution model takes into account the mutual influence of each channel in the funnel, including ad mediums, online, and offline events.
You can customize the funnel steps and make the attribution model fit your business exactly.

OWOX BI Smart Data
Smart Data lets you get an array of easily-customizable report presets, by asking questions in plain English.
Using OWOX BI you can manage the access to your data at any time. The data safety is ensured by the use of official APIs and the OAuth authentication. We guarantee that no unauthorized person can access your data.

OWOX BI Details Provided by: Margaret K.

OWOX BI Details Provided by: Margaret Kashuba

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