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Paddle is a checkout, eCommerce, marketing and analytics platform for software developers.

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What is Paddle?

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Paddle Details Provided by: Octave A.

Paddle Details Provided by: Octave Auger

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About Paddle

Our one-stop e-commerce solution is specifically built with software companies in mind, whether you’re selling desktop software on Mac and Windows or whether you’re a Web SaaS business.

Focus on building, not billing. Bring together everything you need to sell software, packaged in one intuitive platform you can start using in minutes.

Grow your revenue. Don’t let tools limit your imagination anymore: you decide pricing, promotions and the customer experience, we handle the rest.

Optimize your software sales. Increase your conversion rates, customize your user experience and experiment with pricing, layouts and promotions.

Our e-commerce solution brings everything you need to sell software under one roof:
– Payments: no need to integrate or pay for PayPal or payment gateways on top, everything is included
– Modern, user-friendly checkout: out of the box or fully customized to your brand
– Trials, licensing & subscriptions: everything from issuing one-off serial numbers to managing recurring billing
– Taxes and VAT: we automatically collect and remit all local taxes on your behalf worldwide
– Payer support: our team handles billing queries and common customer issues for you
– Coupons, bundles, up-sells and cross-sells: all of the built-in marketing tools to grow your sales
– Fraud protection: we minimize fraud and help you fight chargebacks
– Developer-friendly: API, JS library, Mac and Windows SDK

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Selling software has evolved in the last decade: taking payments on any screen size or natively in a Mac or Windows app, subscription business models that bring in new complexities... Paddle was built to take on these new challenges head-on.

We are different for 3 reasons:
1) We are a software company, building for other software companies, and are driven by developers, not sales reps or financiers
2) We've built a modern platform that is an actual pleasure to use and manage, and doesn't restrict what you can do because it was build decades ago
3) We will grow your revenue, because our streamlined checkout converts higher and our promotional tools make it easier to test and scale your marketing ideas

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