Agency in Marketing and Advertising
    Agency in Marketing and Advertising

    The best WP and Drupal hosting platform I've used to date

    "The GIT workflow and I can setup a dev environment for a client before paying for an account. Support is fast and excellent. "

    <span>Benjamin L.</span>
    Benjamin L.
    Managing Partner & Strategic Creative Director at BENAMOR Advertising

    Making Agile Development Hassle Free

    "Having multiple environments all based on GIT make it easy to work with our internal team and external partners. "

    Agency in Computer Software
    Agency in Computer Software

    Hands down the best vendor we work with

    "Pantheon is always innovating their product to stay inline or ahead of industry best practices. Their tools are second to none, and polished to the point that we can include non-technical personnel in the development process. They are incredibly attentive to our needs, and offer valuable guidance on how we can better use their platform. We get an immense amount of value from this platform in..."

    <span>Alexander R.</span>
    Alexander R.
    Associate, Application Developer at Sick Kids Foundation

    Solid Hosting Experience for Busy Developers

    "Love the DevOps pipeline automation between WordPress clients. Saves me time, money and resources."

    <span>Christa S.</span>
    Christa S.
    Front-end Developer at ddm marketing & communications

    Smart Solution for WordPress Hosting

    "My favorite two things about Pantheon are the three environments (dev, test and live) to allow a flexible workflow based on client and the integration with git changes. Sales team we worked with was very nice and helped us come up with a good solution for our company. I also felt like they really listened to what we needed versus just telling us what they thought we needed."

    Administrator in Museums and Institutions
    Administrator in Museums and Institutions

    Great Drupal Hosting

    "I love how easy it is to get up and running with a new website. It took me 5 minutes to create a dev site, and it was free. Yes, you do have to pay to go live, but for $35/month, that's not a bad deal."

    <span>Michael W.</span>
    Michael W.

    Great service

    "I love how you don't have to pay for development. I typically have clients that sit in testing for some time for content. I love the three different type of environments, we can redevelop a site without it affecting the live status of the site. This is really great for some of our big clients with a lot of traffic. Additionally, If I have a question about wordpress or drupal, I can contact them..."

    <span>Mario C.</span>
    Mario C.
    Webtronix Designs Web Agency serving Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles California since 2012

    Pantheon for Agencies

    "Pantheon for agencies has doubled our workflow. We are able to take on a bigger workflow. Pantheons version control runs smoothly and allows for multiple dev teams..."

    Administrator in Higher Education
    Administrator in Higher Education

    Drupal distribution and module development and dev ops.

    "Terminus. Ability to script with terminus. Workflows API. Terminus plugins. Multidevs. Quicksilver. "

    <span>Austin B.</span>
    Austin B.

    Pantheon provides a robust WordPress hosting and development solution

    "CDN, SSL, multidev environments, UI and CLI interfaces for platform functions, git based development workflow and scheduled backups are included and easy to use. Customer service is great and integrated into the dashboard. Managing access to sites is clear and straightforward. The billing and site ownership handoff process is simple and easy to understand even for nontechnical users. In depth..."

    <span>Guy E.</span>
    Guy E.
    Chief Technology Officer at Inveniem

    The Best Option for Drupal hosting, hands down

    "Pantheon's automation is the best. Pantheon's dashboards and the isolation between dev, test, and production environments let us stage changes for public, client review. Then, once the client approves the changes, it's only one click to deploy. It's also one-click for most Drupal core upgrades. Pantheon is also high performance -- they somehow handle varnish caching automatically without..."