Travis W.

    The best technological solutions for my company in a single Pantheon software.

    "Personally, what I like the most about Pantheon software are its tools for easy configuration and administration of my company's website, Pantheon not only helped me build my company's website, it helped me build an online presence for dazzle my clients, generate income and improve the experiences of my users."

    Monica F.

    Three words - I love Pantheon

    "Super easy to spin up sites, great collaboration and multi-developer environments, dev/test/production access in one click, database and code backup management, 1-click Drupal updates. What’s not to like ?"

    Charles G.

    A simple website management platform with a wealth of helpful tools

    "Pantheon comes bundled with some great features including a global CDN and SSL provisioning. I can quickly push sites into production. It has an easy backup and restore feature. The account dashboard is easy to use and helps us to view errors. It's a great development pipeline where code is pushed up and content is pulled down."

    Rutuja B.
    Software Engineer at Searce Inc

    Everything that you need

    "The Version controlling can be done easily using Pantheon. It gives support for CMS. There are three environments: Test environment, Development environment, Production environment and it is really easy to make the things live, all you have to do is PUSH it. It provides the best hosting for CMSs like Drupal and WordPress. It becomes easy to keep backup and the restore processes of the..."

    Solid Hosting Experience for Busy Developers

    "Love the DevOps pipeline automation between WordPress clients. Saves me time, money and resources."

    Victor R.
    Head of Marketing and Growth at Redkix

    Fast Wordpress hosting provider with great developer-friendly workflow

    "I like that production server is never ever touched, unless it goes to the testing server. This allows our dev and MarOps team to be disciplined and make sure that we test prior to pushing websites to production."

    Josh F.

    Great UX for agencies and customers

    "The workflow management system for Drupal"

    Mitty C.
    Project Manager for Web Teams, Professional Speaker, Social Entrepreneur

    Speed, Backups, and Reliability - We love Pantheon

    "We love the lightning fast speeds of its built-in optimization for Wordpress-based websites, the uptime reliability, the automatic daily backups, the automatic core updates to Wordpress, and the multiple development environments. Pantheon gives us the peace of mind we need so that we can focus on web development and digital marketing projects, and never have to worry about websites going down...."