<span>Treighton M.</span>
    Treighton M.
    Assistant Instructor @ UC Davis at Trilogy Education Services, Inc.

    Better workflow

    "Pantheon has a ton of great features, but the improvements to workflow like the multi dev environments is the one that I see the most benefit from. Between the multidev environments and the ease of controlling where you are at in the development process through the built-in dev test live environments and the ease of moving code and content between them, my team has made massive improvements to..."

    <span>Jeremy H.</span>
    Jeremy H.
    Strategize your IT to Breathe Life into Your Business | Founder of Competitive Edge to Executives in Delmarva

    One of the Best Platforms for Drupal Development with a Team

    "The ability to use git in a dev, test and live environment makes developing a Drupal site for a client quicker when developing custom modules and themes. Having the ability to use multidev for staging features with each team member saves so much time in setting up environments and performing tests. Combined with using lando to replicate the pantheon environment locally gives our team the..."

    <span>Daniel D.</span>
    Daniel D.
    Mentor Graphics SLE

    Pantheon is your best option for enterprise Drupal hosting

    "Flexibility and outstanding UI, detailed help and tutorials, Upstream. Compared to Acquia, it's a breath of fresh air. There's no hard upsell at every turn and Pantheon is genuinely interest in a customer's success."

    <span>Court V.</span>
    Court V.
    Business Systems Analyst at University of Toronto

    The most reliable and fast Drupal and Wordpress hosting environment I have ever used.

    "Graphical UI / Dashboard Mult-dev environments for branch development Git versioning both on an up and downstream Flexibility to push commands via the command line interface Multiple out of the box environments (dev, test, live) Ability to launch a new site without any server work, just a few clicks. "

    <span>Kristi H.</span>
    Kristi H.
    Webmaster at SPX Corporation

    Consistently impressed and Quarterly performance reviews are a Plus

    "The ability to separate repo maintenance from dedicated site development Quarterly site reviews, New Relic integration Hassle-squashing Global CDN package inclusion Enterprise Onboarding support"

    <span>Ed C.</span>
    Ed C.
    Front-End Developer working in academic and environmental sectors.

    Pantheon for EDU is the tool universities need to manage web development

    "1) The user interface -- straightforward and easy to use; 2) strategic enhancements that add great functionality without disrupting what's already in place; 3) solid, prompt help from the support team."

    <span>Nick C.</span>
    Nick C.
    CTO at LuminFire / Gravity Integrations / BrilliantSync / Brilliant Plugins

    A solid option for websites that need performance and multiple environments

    "The dev/test/live workflow is great and "multidev" is a lifesaver for larger/complex projects. Automatic backups and restores are also pretty amazing and seamless. Supporting git and SFTP modes gives us flexibility in how we handle different client needs."

    <span>Matthew C.</span>
    Matthew C.
    Senior Developer at FFW

    Enterprise Level Hosting Product for the Common Folks

    "The fluid flow of the UI is fantastic and makes managing a DEV, STAGE & PROD environment as simple as it can be. Non-technincal people could pick it up."

    <span>Christa S.</span>
    Christa S.
    Front-end Developer at ddm marketing & communications

    Smart Solution for WordPress Hosting

    "My favorite two things about Pantheon are the three environments (dev, test and live) to allow a flexible workflow based on client and the integration with git changes. Sales team we worked with was very nice and helped us come up with a good solution for our company. I also felt like they really listened to what we needed versus just telling us what they thought we needed."

    Administrator in Entertainment
    Administrator in Entertainment

    Amazing for all developers or sites that need a great workflow

    "I love the Pantheon workflow, as a developer it is easy to get going and by default the workflow is great. I hope that more developers adopt this kind of workflow. Also, being able to spin up staging sites on the fly to help fix 1 bug or add 1 feature before pushing to prod is great."

    <span>Chico R.</span>
    Chico R.

    Having a single platform for CMS implementations is truly a net savings.

    "Adherence to best practices for scalability and implementation. Always having a sandbox for new features, via the multidev environments. Support of a team who understands their platform. Asides from one large global event, outages have been restricted to predictable maintenance or quick resolution with little impact."

    <span>Amy W.</span>
    Amy W.
    Director, Strategic Marketing

    Quality services and support

    "Pantheon provides a level of confidence with site security that I haven't seen with other hosters. "

    <span>Duran G.</span>
    Duran G.
    Owner: Alphex

    Pantheon has provided the best Drupal application hosting I've ever experienced.

    "The pantheon DEV to TEST to PROD workflow"

    <span>Michael R.</span>
    Michael R.
    Web Developer / Graphic Designer at JP Marketing

    Great Environment for WordPress Implementation

    "I love that you can create a live testing environment easily. It also had seamless push -live integration once you've made changes to your testing environment. That control feature makes the biggest difference when you're trying to add new functions and/or plugins "

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services
    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    Best way to kick-start a Drupal project

    "The possibility to start a project right at the platform and not have kick start it on my laptop is a killer feature. You can pretty much make a fast prototype inside the pantheon platform. The different environments are the best for taking control of whats on my live site while you are developing. Thanks to this you can implement new features and test them with the actual database in your live..."