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PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ)

PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ)

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PathFactory let B2B marketers tell complex stories to busy audiences simply & effectively.

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Content Insight and Activation is the path better marketing decisions, the path to always-on customer experiences, and the path to better marketing outcomes.

PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ) Details Provided by: Chris V.

PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ) Details Provided by: Chris Vandermarel

Director, Demand Generation at PathFactory
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About PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ)

PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform helps B2B marketers understand the role of content in the buyer’s journey and discover a new class of data to optimize the path to purchase. PathFactory uses this data and insight to optimize content delivery across every channel, connecting buyers with the most relevant information whenever and wherever they click.

Content Insight: The path to better marketing decisions
To really know if your marketing is working, you need to understand how your prospects are engaging with your content. Unfortunately, most marketers lack objective insight into how their content is moving buyers along the path to purchase. PathFactory provides the decision support required to analyze what is and isn’t working to generate pipeline and revenue, and automates content delivery decisions to remove friction from the buying process.

Content Activation: The path to always-on content experiences
Buyer education is the key to moving prospects from early stage awareness to loyal customers, but the way most B2B marketing delivers content today fails to connect buyers with the information they need, when they need it. Traditional content delivery methods treat the buyer’s journey as an orderly, linear process when it’s actually a chaotic and messy affair. PathFactory delivers data-driven, personalized content experiences at scale. Connect your buyers with more of the information they need, at the exact moments they need it.

The Content Insight and Activation Engine
The brain of the PathFactory platform, the Engine gathers external visitor and account data sets, analyzes content using AI, and combines that information with session engagement data to build a full understanding of the role content plays in the buyer’s journey, and its impact on pipeline and revenue. The Engine uses this data and insight to activate content and connect buyers with the most relevant information when they need it. The insights produced by the PathFactory Engine are surfaced in Path Analytics, and provide marketers with a level of insight and decision support never before available. This reporting enables real-time campaign, channel, and content optimization.

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Get a complete view into the role content plays in the buyer’s journey and connect visitors with the right information when they need it with the only Content Insight and Activation Platform.

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