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Video, display, mobile, tablet & native ad intelligence for the world's top advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad tech providers.

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What is Pathmatics?

Pathmatics enables competitive advantage in digital advertising with real-time, actionable intelligence for brands, agencies, publishers and ad tech providers. Pathmatics’ users access the most accurate ad spend and impression estimates available and a vast creatives library to analyze strategies, monitor competitors, and optimize ad buying, selling, and operations. Patent-pending PathSource™ technology collects and analyzes digital advertising activity, detailing the exact route by which each ad is sold, enabling the most accurate spend and impression estimates.

Pathmatics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform compiles data on all the intermediaries involved in each ad impression for desktop, mobile, video and native display ads. This unique detail not only improves the accuracy of impression and spend metrics but also gives Pathmatics’ users the ability to analyze, visualize and share information by site, advertiser, ad network or service. They use this intelligence for strategy, planning, buying, selling, and optimizing ad operations to lower costs or increase revenue.

Pathmatics Details Provided by: Ken R.

Pathmatics Details Provided by: Ken Roberts

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