Kunal J.

    The Best Cloud based Mobile App Testing Platform

    "1) pCloudy is having a very good range of real devices with real data networks. 2) Excellent features for Mobile app Automation. 3) With the Easy Integration with selenium. 4) The platform is not just limited to testers. A developer can also debug or execute Unit tests. 5) Secured platform. So rest assured of your confidential data. 6) The on-Site lab deployment service is excellent. This..."

    Mahesh S.
    Mahesh S.
    Vice President of Engineering at mscripts

    Excellent testing platform

    "The features available in pCloudy's cloud-based mobile testing platform has made a significant difference to mscripts testing strategy. The real devices hosted make it easy to test and certify our mobile apps on a variety of devices and platforms. The best part is the ease of integration of mobile test scripts with pCloudy's platform – a few lines of code and you are all set! The reports..."

    Harish Kumar K.

    The response and support from pCloudy is really appreciated. I am happy to recommend to others

    "Availability & Quick turnaround time of support teams. Flexibility of pCloudy management"

    Aneesh P.

    All in one Tool for Mobile Automation

    "pCloudy is a Great tool that one can execute the same test scripts on both Android and IOS Devices. With the Easy Integration with selenium, and good support for any kind of problems makes it a preferred choice "

    Vidushi M.

    I am very happy with the pcloudy services

    "Different types of devices available with different configurations and automation platform for testing"

    Shrikant K.

    Best Cloud based platform for mobile testing and automation

    "1) Terrific User Interface and ease of use. 2) The device lab is has all the latest variety as well as hard to find devices 3) Customer support is top notch; infact it is a real differentiator 4) Options for setup of the cloud (On-Prem, On-Cloud, Public, Private) - meets needs of all our various customers 5) Secured platform 6) Ability to debug, identify issues, view logs - all at the fingertips!"

    User in Information Technology and Services

    pCloudy has been very useful for my profession of testing

    "The UI which was recently refined on March 11th, Its Andriod/iOS device matrix coverage I like the way we can test the same application using 2G/3G/4G networks by simulation. "

    Sundaramoorthy S.
    Sundaramoorthy S.

    Testing in cool cloud based platform

    "pCloudy is really very user friendly. For those teams, who wants to test in multiple devices and also in multiple locations, its the best one to go for it. Manual as well as automation is supported and can get screenshots, logs, performance details. Also the automated application testing with bots is much impressive"

    Pratik L.

    One of the best device cloud providers for Mobile App Testing

    "Automation and Manual testing of mobile application is becoming one of the key requirements for most organisations and PCloudy seems to be providing an efficient and effective solution to meet the company's testing requirements. There are a lot of features provided by pCloudy, but the ones which I personally like the most are: 1) Enables you to have a flexible device repository. We are using..."

    Mrityunjeyan S.
    Mrityunjeyan S.
    Lead Automation, Deployment & Server Engineer

    The Most easiest, customisable cloud testing ever

    "Pcloudy has the easiest way to integrate and run your tests"