Solid PDF Tool

    "The price first off! Adobe Acrobat has just gotten absurd. But also the well rounded features of PDFelement. I've looked at a number of PDF tools, (and I have PDF Expert as well an older copy of Acrobat), and surprisingly find that many tools are missing basic functions, whether it's adding some text, or creating forms. PDFelement is finally allowing me to toss Acrobat without looking back...."

    Jennifer M.
    Evaluation Coordinator / Post-Doctoral Fellow at Child Health BC

    Best PDF Tool I've used yet!

    "PDF Element Pro 6 takes the limitations off of PDFs. It allows me to work with these documents in a much easier way as if they were word processing documents. I find it is much more user-friendly for completing fillable PDF forms which can sometimes be difficult as well. I often use PDF Element Pro 6 to convert PDFs i to word documents or Excel documents with ease and it saves me a lot of time..."