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Periscope Data

Periscope Data

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Periscope Data is a data analysis tool that unifies business data across multiple different data sources.

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What is Periscope Data?

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Our half-hour webinar, detailing Periscope Data's features and capabilities!

Periscope Data Details Provided by: Brianne F.

Periscope Data Details Provided by: Brianne Farrar

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About Periscope Data

Periscope Data brings data teams and their stakeholders onto a single, unified platform. Our platform gives data professionals full control over the analytics lifecycle — including ingestion, storage, analysis, visualization and reporting — and non-technical users the ability to drill down into the data to quickly answer questions.

With Periscope Data, teams can move faster, make better decisions, and support successful business outcomes. We’re here to create a more data-driven world, where everyone can understand and unlock the full potential of their data.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Periscope Data is built on three kinds of fast:
Query Faster
Our team focuses on optimizing Redshift database technology to build the fastest proprietary cache on the market today.

Work Faster
All written queries are up to date and saved to the cloud per user, solving disorganized SQL workbench problems that crash all the time.

Share Faster
Access control with unlimited user seats on a per database, per dashboard basis. You can easily embed Periscope Data into your own product with twenty lines of code. In addition, all dashboards are shareable and secure.

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