<span>Stephanie A.</span>
    Stephanie A.
    Internet Sales Manager at Northwest Honda

    Solid leads with exceptional customer service

    "Support has been great. Sales reps have great communication and everything was as promised. "

    User in Automotive
    User in Automotive

    simple, straightforward, and quick process to capture information about a potential car sale

    "This form creates more leads/sales in a month than our prior provider did in a year"

    <span>Bert J.</span>
    Bert J.
    Digital Marketing Coordinator at Joe Machens Dealerships

    Very pleasant. The product is neat and gets a great return on investment.

    "Definitely the return on investment. The tool is designed to encourage customer engagement on the site and does just that."

    Administrator in Automotive
    Administrator in Automotive

    Something different that works

    "The product has a lot of value for what you get. Taking over trade tool and form submissions but in a way that is engaging to the customer "

    <span>Mike R.</span>
    Mike R.
    Actively seeking a GM/GSM position in the upstate area of SC

    Fatwin has helped us with lead generation

    "The leads are mostly good in market buyers!"

    <span>Randy D.</span>
    Randy D.
    Digital Marketing Director at Maplewood Toyota & Inver Grove Toyota

    Lead Generation with Fatwin Web Engagement

    "They were very engaged with setting up the lead generation forms on our web sites and willing to give us the benefit of testing the tool to determine ROI. They also customized the link buttons to fit our specs and we have the ability to customize questions within the form. In addition, the $25,000 quarterly customer drawing is an added Perq to improve the quality of lead contact information."

    <span>Wesley S.</span>
    Wesley S.
    BDC Manager at Court Street Ford

    Great Lead Tool

    "The ability for customers to interact as much as they would like."

    <span>Jill S.</span>
    Jill S.
    Sales Consultant at Court Street Ford

    Great Source for Leads

    "I love that the customer has to provide the information on their trade in. I feel when they are imputing the information they tend to be more honest. It is easy to fill out the lead form. I like the way they ask the questions to get the information from the customer. The customer service for FATWIN is great. They were very accommodating with getting this program installed on our website and to..."