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Get notified about network problems the moment they occur and find culprits quickly with PingPlotter's network performance graphs and alerting system.

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What is PingPlotter?

Sometimes solving a network problem takes more than rebooting the router. When that's the case, understanding the cause of the problem is essential to finding a solution. Is it your local network, the website you're accessing, or something in between?

PingPlotter makes finding and proving the source of network problems easier. It tests the route between your computer and a target website then graphs the results. Visual evidence helps diagnose problems faster. It also helps persuade others to make changes if you find a problem with a network you do not control.

Analyzing network performance with PingPlotter can be as simple or complex and you need. All it takes to get started is entering a target and clicking the trace button. From there, the tool will collect latency and packet loss data until you capture the information you need. If you're interested in more in depth analysis, plenty of features are available for testing with different packet types, getting alerted about problems, and perpetually monitoring entire networks.

Free trials available at www.pingplotter.com/download.html

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