Pobuca is a web and mobile (iOS and Android) based contact management app that helps the team increase productivity and collaboration by sharing a common contact list, accessible from any device, join team and start searching contacts info with smart filters, edit them and keep private (or not) notes.

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What is Pobuca?

Pobuca Connect | Connect with your contacts

Pobuca Connect is a cloud app that turns your multiple, overlapping and non-connected business contact lists into one unified company address book that’s easy to access from everywhere and ready to share with co-workers or business associates. You will also get to meet the built-in Pobuca Bot, your very own virtual assistant, to help you keep business contacts up to date and within your reach at no time.

The product:
Pobuca Connect is a cloud SaaS available in all platforms desktop, mobile, web & bot (download free for all platforms). It allows teams to share contact lists and access them on any device. Once you update a business contact in your smartphone, you have the option to automatically share it with your team or the whole company. Moreover, Pobuca Bot is a virtual assistant that imports, checks for updates and communicates with contacts using physical language with the user.

Use with Microsoft ecosystem:
Integrate with Active Directory (Azure AD) or O365 for user authentication and give easy Pobuca Connect access to all your employees with the same Microsoft credentials they already use. Install Pobuca Connect Outlook add-in or download Windows 10 app and offer users easy access to all organization contacts with just one click.

Stay always secure and compliant:
Get control of your data! Be on top of your business contacts and secure your valuable information in the closed silo of Pobuca Connect.

Ready to integrate it with your infrastructure:
Expand your possibilities with Pobuca Connect by integrating with 3rd party software using our API or Zapier.

Pobuca Details Provided by: Vicky A.

Pobuca Details Provided by: Vicky Angelopoulou

Performance Marketing Specialist
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English, Modern Greek (1453-), Spanish

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