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Podium is the industry’s leading online review management platform that helps businesses collect and manage online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and many more.

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Podium Features

Consumer Intelligence

Customer Feedback

Provides a forum for customers to give feedback and data storage for company analysis.

(Based on 83 reviews)

Competitive Intelligence

Allows users to get real-time information on competitors performance and reputation.

(Based on 33 reviews)

Sentiment Analysis

Gives users greater visibility into the how feel and respond to reputation gaining tactics.

(Based on 69 reviews)


Pop-up Chat

Enables a popup chat window on company websites to encourage interaction between website visitors and designated company representatives.

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Delivers notifications to both sides of the conversation.

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Targeted Emails

Sends automated emails to further engage clients and potential clients.

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In-App Messaging

Allows for live chat to be enabled within the app for customer help.

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Revenue Reporting

Provides tools with enhanced filtering and correlation between revenue and reputation.


Corporate Reporting

Helps monitor the overall performance of marketing efforts and brand establishment.

(Based on 74 reviews)


Provides a centralized hub and management tools for all data points related to online reputation.

(Based on 88 reviews)

Media Monitoring

Social Networks Monitoring

Helps track and monitor social media trends and interactions.

(Based on 71 reviews)

Social Media Management

Helps manage social messaging and measures the full impact of social campaigns.


Digital Media Monitoring

Helps manage ad messaging and measures the full impact of digital advertising campaigns.

(Based on 59 reviews)

Internal Use


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Conversation Archiving

Archives conversations in a separate location for later reference.

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Lead Development

Enables employees to denote potential customers.

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Knowledge Base

Establishes a knowledge base for employee reference during conversations.

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Team Inbox

Provides a central location for help requests, helping employees respond sooner.

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Customer Profiles

Allows for the creation of profiles for contacts and customers.

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In-House Management

Employee Performance

Gives visability into employee performance and each individual's impact on reputation initiatives.

(Based on 37 reviews)

Team Workflow

Helps establish a workflow that allows team members to communicate effectively and collaboratively.