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Poll Everywhere provides stylish real-time interactions with audiences via mobile devices.

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What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere adds live audience interaction to every meeting, town hall, training session, and class. It works on everyday devices like phones and laptops, changing the presentation screen instantly as responses roll in. Poll Everywhere takes minutes to use. It offers open-response questions to facilitate frank discussions with crowds of thousands. And it enables quick multiple-choice questions for assessment and event surveys. It even gives you the flexibility to use graphs, maps, and photographs as clickable question fields, or to create a word cloud with the audience. Use it to tap the expertise of the audience, to assess learners in the moment, to show the ROI of your initiatives in human terms, to make a quick group decision, or simply to break the ice. Poll Everywhere is whatever you need it to be for your event, your audience, and your goals.

Poll Everywhere Details Provided by: Austin S.

Poll Everywhere Details Provided by: Austin Solomon


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