PostSpeaker is the social media sharing tool that posts your content automatically to the social media accounts of your ambassadors.

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What is PostSpeaker?

PostSpeaker is a social media sharing tool for getting the word out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Users can recruit employees and other business ambassadors to share posts on social media through extended campaigns. Your ambassadors do not need to share any passwords with PostSpeaker in order to have content posted to their accounts.
With PostSpeaker, ambassadors keep control of what gets posted to their social media, and can change or cancel any scheduled post before it goes out.

PostSpeaker extends your social media reach, without relying on others to reblog, reshare, or retweet.

PostSpeaker Details Provided by: Nicholas L.

PostSpeaker Details Provided by: Nicholas Little

Web Content Coordinator at Los Olivos Wine Merchant
Languages Supported
Dutch, English

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