PowerSchool Unified Classroom

PowerSchool Unified Classroom

4.1 out of 5 stars

PowerSchool provides the full range of features needed by administrators at the district and school level in addition to portals for teachers, parents, and students.

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PowerSchool Unified Classroom Features

Special Education Feature Questions
Student Data Management

Access student records, including IEPs, goals, and learning objectives, through a unified system. Transfer student data to other users or school districts to ensure data integrity.

(Based on 20 reviews)
IEP Creation

Create and edit student IEPs online using guided web forms. Multiple users can collaborate on IEP creation simultaneously.

(Based on 11 reviews)
Goals & Objectives Library

Use pre-built goals, objectives, and learning standards that can be customized during the IEP creation process. Access these prebuilt templates through a searchable database.

(Based on 10 reviews)
File Sharing

Easily share student records and IEPs with internal or external stakeholders, including parents, teachers, or administrators.

(Based on 12 reviews)
Meetings Tracking

Record and document any meetings between stakeholders that are scheduled within the system. Distribute meeting notifications or deadlines to relevant staff.

(Based on 13 reviews)
Medicaid Billing

Track Medicaid reimbursement and generate proper billing documentation for special education services provided.

Not enough data available

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, including all requirements under the IDEA act of 1975, using built in compliance checks in the IEP creation tools and built in reporting guidelines.

(Based on 12 reviews)
Custom Workflows

Automate notifications and documentation workflows according to the special education program's needs.

(Based on 11 reviews)
Reporting Capabilities

Generate standard or ad-hoc regulatory extracts with comprehensive validation reports. Customize individual or administrative reports as necessary.

(Based on 17 reviews)
Integrations / APIs

Integrate student records with student information systems (SIS) and other education software to create a single, unified source for student documentation.

(Based on 11 reviews)