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Practice Pipeline

Practice Pipeline

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Practice Pipeline is a pipeline management tool that is designed to help busy lawyers pursue new business more efficiently.

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What is Practice Pipeline?

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When it comes to lawyer business development, we get it.

We’ve spent 20 years in the legal industry providing business development coaching, consulting, and training programs to hundreds of top Am Law firms. In our experience, lawyers thrive with a combination of simple technology and smart coaching. That’s what Practice Pipeline is all about.

Practice Pipeline helps lawyers win new business, minus the hassle.

Simple interface and transparent oversight reports
75% adoption rate among lawyers
Integrates with Outlook and CRM
Our clients report ROI up to 11,500%
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Practice Pipeline Details Provided by: Aaron G.

Practice Pipeline Details Provided by: Aaron Garcia

I help law firms grow their revenue with human-centered software, analytics, and training solutions.
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About Practice Pipeline

Practice Pipeline® is the premier pipeline management tool designed for lawyers and business development teams. With its incredibly simple, intuitive interface, firms can track their business development efforts without the burden of complex CRM systems. Practice Pipeline saves lawyers time, promotes accountability and maximizes ROI on business development efforts. It also has an industry-leading 75% adoption rate when coupled our award-winning coaching programs.

Instead of a complicated CRM interface, Practice Pipeline uses a simple dashboard with a Tile-based system to track activity. A Tile records a business development objective that the lawyer wishes to accomplish with a given client, prospect or referral source. It displays the contact and the next business step the lawyer plans to take with them along with a due date.

Tiles inspire action by changing color based on their due dates. A Tile turns from green to yellow if the task is due within a week and go red if the task is past due. Lawyers receive a Pipeline Score out of 100 that measures their proactivity and compares their performance to the firm average. When lawyers complete their objectives, their score goes up, promoting friendly competition and providing context for their efforts.

Practice Pipeline's user interface may be simple, but it has some serious power under the hood. Managers can analyze firm activity, pinpoint revenue driven and download detailed reports. This information is crucial to making strategic business development decisions.

Practice Pipeline is simple to implement at your firm, secure and mobile-friendly. It features 100% cloud-based architecture with GDPR-compliant bank-level encryption. Finally, Practice Pipeline is available as a mobile app for Apple iOS® and Android®.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

CRM is great for marketers, but lawyers don't use it – several studies show CRM adoption rates at less than 5% at most law firms that utilize it.

Practice Pipeline streamlines business development across the firm and provides a framework for firmwide analytics.

Practice Pipeline is purpose-built for lawyers and business development teams. It is much more cost-effective when compared to traditional CRM systems and is more straightforward to implement, maintain and manage. It's an excellent add-on to existing CRM systems or a powerful tool when used alone. CRM rollouts are a significant expenditure of time and resources for many firms and adoption rates tend to be abysmal.

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