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Price&Cost is a project estimation and budget-tracking tool. We help you deliver projects on budget and stay profitable. We offer powerful features to support you from the initial estimation all the way through to successful delivery. As your business grows, Price&Cost is there to help you stay profitable at every stage. Find cost-effective ways to deliver - Experiment with estimates to see project financials for every scenario. Compare and choose the best one. Test "what-if" scenarios for live projects - Discover more profitable ways to deliver projects by simulating different resourcing scenarios. React to changing requirements. Monitor project financials - Monitor variations in project Price, Cost, and Margin as the project progresses. Make adjustments and keep your project budget on track.

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What is Price&Cost?

Price&Cost is a project estimation and budget management platform designed to help businesses find the most cost-effective ways to work and accomplish projects without compromising quality. Simply put, the software aims to help you work on a project without going overboard on the budget. With Price&Cost, you can test out scenarios and experiment project financial to see how each scenario will play out and determine its profitability.

You can monitor your project expenses in real time and then test out scenarios and budgets for live projects. These simulations give you a glimpse of the project’s completion time frame, overall expenses, manpower and asset costs, and more. Equipped with these forecasts, you can quickly address issues and react to shifting requirements so that you can keep your project budget on track.

Price&Cost Details Provided by: Andrei B.

Price&Cost Details Provided by: Andrei Bernovski

Co-founder, CEO at Price&Cost - Deliver every project on budget and stay profitable.
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