PriceWaiter enables secure and discreet negotiations with your shoppers with a personalized pricing platform that gives you control to grow incremental sales and engage a previously segment of traffic.

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PriceWaiter makes buying and selling better, anywhere. Beginning with a platform that makes price negotiation fast, simple and private on ecommerce product pages, PriceWaiter now offers a seamless SaaS suite of sales tools that significantly boosts customer engagement, conversion, and average order value on any retailer’s site. With hundreds of retail partners, hundreds of thousands of users, and hundreds of millions in offers, PriceWaiter helps sellers sell more, and buyers buy more, all across the web.

1) With PriceWaiter, both sides win, saving time and money, and building loyalty and trust.
2) PriceWaiter creates a fast, simple, private one-on-one dialog between retailers and customers through price negotiation. Engaging on-site with a “Name Your Price” hook leads to higher conversions and enhanced customer loyalty, at lower discounts but higher satisfaction rates than standard sales discounting. Newer complementary offerings (exit intent, remarketing, etc) significantly boost results. Specifically, PriceWaiter’s “Name Your Price” platform improves customer engagement (25%+), conversion (19%+) and average order value (8%+) and works on any retailer’s website. Multiple retailers have added $1M+ revenue through PriceWaiter, and done so without hurting existing sales

PriceWaiter Details Provided by: Andrew S.

PriceWaiter Details Provided by: Andrew Scarbrough

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