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Profisee provides a master data management software that is designed to deliver data stewardship and data quality capabilities to customers deploying multi-domain MDM solutions.

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Profisee Details Provided by: Reed G.

Profisee Details Provided by: Reed Gusmus

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About Profisee

The Profisee Platform has been designed for any size organization to deliver enterprise level multi-domain Master Data Management solutions, simply and easily. In contrast to the technically complex platforms of the past, targeted towards IT with lengthy implementations, the Profisee Platform focuses on providing the fastest time to value, while innovating around the data management user experience so that it’s accessible to non-technical business users.

Gone are the days of acquiring multiple best of breed technologies to manage data. The Profisee Platform provides a single integrated suite of data management capabilities which support any data domain in any industry. The key components of the Profisee Platform are:

• Core Data Hub: The foundational elements of any data management solution. Drag and drop data modeling, business rules, simple integration, and robust security provide the foundation for an data management solution
• Stewardship & Governance: People are the key component of a data management program. Profisee provides a modern and powerful stewardship and governance experience, which is highly configurable, and delivered over the web.
• Golden Record Management: A central aim for any data management program is creating a single view of your data. Profisee’s Golden Record Management is a best-in-class engine that provides out of the box cleansing, verification, matching, and survivorship, with performance that scales to hundreds of millions of records.
• Workflow: To harness the full value of an MDM solution, you need an engine to automate and enforce business processes. Profisee Workflow provides that engine, driving proactive stewardship and managing cross functional processes to increase business agility.
• Integrator: Easily create real-time bi-directional integrations to synchronize your master data with any enterprise system, by configuring maps to integrate Profisee with other enterprise applications and services.
• Event Management: An industry leading innovation and best-in-class capability for configuring and managing real-time data events. Configure events to be generated by data changes, and initiate real-time data integrations, MDM workflows, or distribute messages to any other enterprise application.
• SDK: An MDM solution cannot become another silo of data in the enterprise. Profisee’s SDK provides the API and services to weave master data into the fabric of your enterprise. Use the SDK to expose master data to the enterprise as a service, integrate it with your EAI platform, or embed it into existing applications.

An MDM platform should support digital transformation innovation across your business. Unlike other MDM offerings, Profisee’s Platform does NOT impose licensing restrictions on the number of domains, users, records, or cores. With Profisee’s uniquely clustered architecture, your solution can scale with your business to support the management of hundreds of millions of records. With Profisee, rest assured that your digital strategies are built upon a, secure, trusted enterprise class, data management technology foundation.

Lastly, Profisee LightSwitchtm provides organizations with a suite of pre-built data management solutions centered around common enterprise applications, industries, or domains. Instead of configuring a solution from scratch, Profisee LightSwitch applications allow organizations to simply turn on an MDM solution, with Profisee best practices and standards built in.

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