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Prophet CRM

Prophet CRM

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Prophet CRM expands and transforms Microsoft Outlook into a powerful CRM solution. Prophet’s unique integration with Outlook leverages the work you and your team are already doing in Outlook and automatically associates that activity with the appropriate customer opportunity. The timeliness and depth of customer-based activity data you get from Prophet will improve both the efficiency of your sales team and your sales results.

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What is Prophet CRM?

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See how easy it is to generate and send a Proposal with ProphetCRM embedded in Outlook. Also, how easy it is to create follow-up steps to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Prophet CRM Details Provided by: Barry M.

Prophet CRM Details Provided by: Barry McDonough III

Increasing CRM Adoption and Institutional Memory for businesses around the globe.
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About Prophet CRM

Prophet CRM is embedded in Outlook, not simply integrated. This allows Prophet to uniquely leverage the work you and your team already do in Outlook, and automatically associates that activity to the appropriate customer opportunity within Prophet CRM.

Whether from your desktop or mobile device, all Outlook-based emails, tasks, and calendar events are automatically tracked and associated to the corresponding opportunity, unburdening your team from administrative entry and giving them more time to sell.

With more timely and thorough entry of sales activity data, sales managers gain valuable insight regarding your customers, sales team and sales processes.

Combine Prophet CRM's unique Outlook integration with it's comprehensive suite of sales automation and workflow tools, customizable fields, reports, dashboards, and analytics, and you have a powerful application that will drive your business to higher levels of success. Contact us to discover how we partner with you to drive your success.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Unlike other Outlook "integrated" CRM applications, Prophet CRM's client physically resides within Microsoft Outlook. This lets Prophet CRM leverage and extend Outlook's existing functionalities, transforming it into a highly effective CRM application -- no user application switching costs, no continual data syncing, no duplicate entry of user activity data.

Since it's embedded, Prophet CRM automatically takes advantage of the activities your team performs in Outlook throughout the business day. Outlook-based emails, meetings and other calendar events, contact updates, and tasks are auto-tracked and associated with the appropriate sales opportunity in real-time. Automatic activity tracking not only results in less data entry by your team - it also improves the accuracy, timeliness and comprehensiveness of vital data regarding your customers, pipeline, and sales team. You will gain new and incredibly valuable insight into your business.

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