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qTest is a robust test management solution that makes sophisticated functionality available to all testers at an affordable price.

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Easily track, manage, organize and report on software testing and test case management efforts in one centralized location. qTest transforms the test case management process, helping teams test faster and become more efficient.

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True, Real-Time Integration with Agile ALMs

The phrase "real-time integration" is overly abused when it comes to talking about how software solutions interact with one another. However, most solutions accomplish this through a scheduled synchronization through a intermediary bridge, or other third part solution. This is not a real-time integration.

At QASymphony, we have built our integrations with JIRA, Rally, and VersionOne directly into their platforms. This allows use to to keep your ALM the system of record for all Requirements and Defects, while connecting you test team with the most powerful management tool on the market.

Learn more here: https://www.qasymphony.com/testing-platform/test-management-integrations/jira-test-management/

Support for All Types of Testing

- qTest platform maintains all your various types of testing by integrating with CI tools (Jenkins / Bamboo) while also housing your reusable test scripts.

- qTest explorer is a one of a kind test case documentation tool that supports scripted and session based testing. No one else has a an actual tool to facilitate the Exploratory Testing your team wants to accomplish.

- qTest Scenario is the only JIRA plugin to support ATDD, BDD, and TDD execution within the JIRA marketplace

Learn more here: https://www.qasymphony.com

Agile Product Release Cycles

QASymphony release cadence to our customers remains one of the fastest in the test case management tool landscape. If you are paying for a SaaS solution, you deserve frequent and high quality releases to the solution.

On average, we are releasing every five weeks with features prioritized with from our customers.

Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gYqx7Z5rcw&list=PL0MvUJ3uL3nvQdOhW8fKmSoIKSeuMncxe

HP QC / HPALM Migrations

We have the ability to pull enterprise companies off their legacy, waterfall test case management tools and onto our product with a unique migration service.

Learn more here: https://www.qasymphony.com/qualiy-center-tool-problems/

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