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Rainforest's natural language testing and helpful features make testing easy.

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See how machine intelligence and real-world user testing can provide feedback on software quality from multiple devices, browsers and operating systems in as little as 30 minutes. Rainforest customers have experienced 2X faster deployment, reduced QA time by 30%, see monthly manual QA hours reduced by 100-1000+ hours, and experienced annual QA savings from $800K-3.1M.

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About Rainforest QA

The way we develop software has changed; QA hasn’t. It’s time to rethink QA and enable it to keep up with continuous delivery. This is where Rainforest comes in. We offer an on-demand QA solution that automates the testing process and makes executing large and complex test suites as simple as an API call. We help you deploy faster and ship code with confidence. Let us help you do QA right.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

On-Demand and Blazing Fast: The Rainforest on-demand QA solution is always available. Functional regression tests are run in parallel with full suites, with results in under 30 minutes.

Easy to Use: Write tests in plain English, and Rainforest will handle everything between running the tests and receiving results, all integrated with many popular existing CD/CI tool.

Flexible and Scalable: Agile automated tests mean there’s no need to rewrite test suites every time code is changed, while giving the freedom to scale up and down QA bandwidth anytime.

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