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Real-Time Labor Guide helps you manage your business and estimates with access to labor times for domestic and foreign vehicles, the ability to create and print both estimates and invoices for your customers, and more.

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What is Real-Time Labor Guide?

The Real-Time Labor Guide® was built by mechanics for mechanics. It helps them be more successful in their business by saving them so much time with the necessary but constant task of giving estimates, plus provides several shop & customer management tools to make running their business easier.

If you’ve ever used a flat rate book to look up a labor time you know how time consuming and complicated that can be. Or perhaps you’re a new mechanic just coming out of school. You’ve heard of these so called “labor guide books”, you may even have seen them before, and even though you know they contain valuable information there is no plan to use them anytime in the future because all that information is available on the computer. But not all software is created equal.

What if there was an online labor guide resource that was so easy to use that all mechanics – from the newest technician to the most seasoned veteran would feel comfortable using it? What if this labor guide became such an indispensable resource that it would not only replace the old books but also was the new measuring stick against which all other labor guide resources were held to?

What if – as a bonus – this online labor guide resource was so powerful it could help you convey a professional image to your customers while ensuring profit maximization? Lucky for you – you’ve found Real-Time Labor Guide!

Real-Time Labor Guide Details Provided by: Brian S.

Real-Time Labor Guide Details Provided by: Brian Sewall, SPHR

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