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Recruiterbox helps track resumes from various sources, post to multiple job boards with a single click, schedule interviews and hire along with your team. It's the easiest software on earth!

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Recruiterbox Details Provided by: Kalley A.

Recruiterbox Details Provided by: Kalley Anderson

Director of Marketing at Applied Training Systems, Inc.
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About Recruiterbox

At Recruiterbox, we believe hiring a new employee should be an exciting experience that results in a positive impact on your company. Our ATS will help your company overcome challenges and find the best people to join your team.

Easily manage resumes, attract candidates from a variety of sources, manage your careers website, collaborate with your hiring team, and generate reports on your recruiting efforts – all with one solution. Recruiterbox strives to help companies automate the end-to-end hiring process, from posting a job to selecting the ideal candidate.

Recruiterbox is an intuitive, customizable applicant tracking system (ATS) that solves these issues with a variety of innovative features.

Manage every resume: Resumes flow into Recruiterbox and are parsed into consistently-formatted candidate profiles.

Collaborate with the hiring team: Hiring managers and interviewers never have to create a Recruiterbox account. They can provide candidate feedback and accept interview requests directly from their email and calendar.

Replicate hiring workflows: Set up the exact steps in your company’s hiring process in Recruiterbox. Simplify hiring without changing what works!

Measure your hiring success: Generate reports that help you identify bottlenecks in your recruiting process so your company hires faster and smarter.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Recruiterbox sets itself apart by being a robust yet easy-to-use ATS:

- Customizable workflows allow your team to establish specific steps in the hiring process and assign owners to each one.
- Implementation is frictionless. Our ATS easily integrates with your careers site and your team isn’t required to download an app, set up an account, or even be formally trained on a new solution.
- We’re consistently scored the #1 most user-friendly hiring solution. And if you do encounter a problem, we provide industry-leading support.

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