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Replicon Time Tracking - Timesheets with GPS


Take the headache out of tracking employee time with Replicon! Get rid of excel spreadsheets and paper time cards; with Replicon’s mobile app you can track, manage and optimize your workforce’s time from anywhere. Centralized time data allows you to run payroll, bill clients and reimburse expenses all from one place.

Track time:
- Clock in/ clock out
- Enter hours worked
- View the status of your timesheets
- Snap a picture and record location when clocking in

Access project data:
- Enter time against projects, tasks, or activities
- Accurately bill clients
- Increase employee utilization
- Gain a real-time view into project status

Manage time off:
- Submit time off requests
- View time off booking history
- Check vacation balances
- Browse holiday calendar

Streamline approvals:
- Approve timesheets, time off, and expenses
- Take action on policy violations with real-time notifications
- Set-up reminders for when timesheets and expenses are due

Manage expenses:
- Create expense reports
- Photograph and upload receipts
- Select multiple currencies
- Classify billable vs. non-billable expenses

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Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Android Replicon App

Replicon - Timesheets with GPS


The Replicon Mobile Timesheet app helps users track time and expense-related information in just seconds from anywhere when they’re on-the-go. The Replicon Mobile app integrates seamlessly with your Replicon cloud-based time tracking and expense management solution, and provides instant access of this time data for running payroll, client billing, reporting, and easy expense reimbursement.
Time tracking on-the-go:
Get access to timesheets anytime, anywhere, and quickly enter time ― whether it is for attendance management, internal project costing, online billing of clients, or managing shared services resources. Add comments and submit your work directly from your Android device while it’s still fresh in your mind. Easily view the status of your timesheets. For businesses that require proof of who’s entering time, the app will snap a picture of the person entering time and record the location when time was entered.
Seamless access to project data:
Users can do a quick search and select relevant projects, tasks, or activities and enter time against
them. This time data gets automatically allocated to the projects and helps you stay on top of the
project status. You can use our advanced reporting to quickly analyze projects and accurately bill clients. Resource management capabilities within our cloud-based solution help you increase employee utilization.
Time off management made easy:
It is very easy for end users to submit their time off requests after choosing the desired time off type. Users can also quickly view their time off booking history, check their vacation balances, or browse
through their holiday calendar. These self-service capabilities empower the users and take the burden
off your HR & payroll teams.
Streamlined approvals:
Supervisors can quickly view employee hours and approve timesheets, time off, and expenses for their teams. Automatic reminders encourage on-time submission of timesheets and expenses. The approved time gets automatically synced with our cloud solution for further processing.
Expense management on-the-go:
Users can quickly create expense sheets and enter details about those expenses, including currency,
description, and whether they are billable or not. Users can attach snapshots of bills to respective
expense items, which means no more lost expense bills.
Track time on any Android device:
The Replicon Mobile Timesheet app supports all internet-connected Android devices that use Android OS version 4.1 or higher, and cloud-based delivery makes sure that data is seamlessly synced. This application is available for users on the latest technology platform (Gen3).
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